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As given at the
Womens Guild ZOOM
meeting 6/24/2020,
here is Dr. Kavanagh's
presentation on Our
Lady of Fatima (click
on the picture to start)
As presented by Dr. Kavanagh to the Womens Guild
(click the picture below)
A website called The Miracle Hunter ( has collected an incredible amount of historical
information about the handful of appearances of Our Lady that are Church-approved as worthy of veneration, and the
thousands of claims
that are either disapproved or are still under study. Here's some data from that site you can download and use to search for apparitions.
(These are pdf files -- you can read them and/or print them out. Some of them are pretty long!)
Three short videos about apparitions of Our Lady that can be applied to the corona virus:
  • Our Lady of Einsiedeln. She was the one who helped St. Meinrad endure his many years as a hermit. We have
    needed to become hermits ourselves as we follow orders to stay at home to fight the virus.
  • Our Lady of Prompt Succor. (Technically, not an apparition, but definitely approved by the Church as worthy of
    veneration.) She is the Patroness of Louisiana and the one you call upon when you need quick and timely help from
    hurricanes. How similar to our need for quick relief in the time of the virus!
  • Our Lady of Kibeho. She appeared to some children a few years before the terrible massacre in Rwanda when
    almost a million Tutsi tribesmen were slaughtered by the Hutus. And now the corona virus is slaughtering about a million
    people worldwide. We need to pray the Seven Sorrows Rosary as the Virgin requested.
These were prepared for an adult enrichment class that had to be called off because of corona! Just click the
pictures below:
Our Lady of
Our Lady of
Our Lady of
Prompt Succor