Pastor Father Michael Duffy
Deacon Tom Fursman
Deacon Alfonso Benet
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Contact Information and address for mail-in contributions:
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
1107 Fredericks Hall Rd.
P.O. Box 128
Bumpass, Virginia 23024-0128
St. Jude Catholic Church
1937 Davis Highway
P.O. Box 40
Mineral, Virginia 23117-0040
Through an arrangement with Faith Direct, we also can accept contributions by
e-giving. Here's how (click one of the links below):
For e-giving to Immaculate Conception
For e-giving to St. Jude
During the COVID-19 Pandemic, while we have been required to keep our churches practically empty
for fear of spreading the virus, our two parishes have tried to keep the Faith alive by offering online
Masses, Liturgies, and other communications. Here, for reflection and contemplation and memories, is
a compilation of many of the things our parishes have posted. Let us pray together, and not forget the
lessons learned from this experience.
St. Jude Catholic Church
Mineral, Virginia
Immaculate Conception
Catholic Church
Buckner, Virginia
For the Bishop's
Diocesan Appeal
New Adult Ed:
Purgatory - Saints
with visions
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On Feb. 28, we celebrated a
Sunday Mass at St. Judes for
Second Sunday of Lent. For
the Mass or the sermon only,
click below.
Sermon by Deacons
Tom (English) and Al (Spanish)